I started my own business straight out of college - A catering and private chef operation serving the Niagara region and GTHA. I learned quickly that wearing all of the hats is both mentally and physically exhausting.


Now, I'm the mother of 2 strong-willed children, intentionally creating a life I love. It's still busy, but filled with work and play that leaves me content, not crashing. I have time for my family, and time for my creative work (check out mysticmusejewelry.ca).

I assist other entrepreneurs find balance between obligations and enjoyment. It IS possible. I can help.

I work magic with your social content, website and workflow. I help manage your teams, client correspondence and calendar.

Have you ever written down a to do list simply to get it all out of your head? Now imagine sending that list away, knowing it would all get done. 

That's where I come in.

Let's work together to free up your time and focus your energy.

Drop me a line to learn more.